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How do I contact blog contributors?

Click here to contact us.

How can I submit an article for The Prudent Bear blog?

We're interested in timely, thought-provoking articles relevant to today's market, with a particular focus on investors with a bear market view.

     Submission Policy & Guidelines

  • Submissions should be no longer than 1,000 words.
  • A formal query before submitting to us is not necessary. Note, however, that we will reply to you only if your article has been selected to be published.
  • We generally do not pay for articles written by outside contributors.
  • We will only publish one article per outside contributor per month. If we decide to pubish your article, we reserve the right to edit it for grammar, content and/or to meet compliance guidelines, among other reasons, prior to publication. Articles with significant changes will not be published until approved by the author.
  • We do not publish specific security recommendations.
  • We generally do not re-publish blog entries.
  • We do not publish promotional website links, advertisements, newsletters or other promotional-type pieces, but you may include a contact email and website link in your brief bio, which will be published with each article.
  • Bios may contain a brief description of yourself, as well as a link to your website and an email address, if you desire. Bios must be 50 words or less. 
  • Please submit your telephone number with your article. It will not be published, but will help the editor get in touch with you.

    All submissions can be made via the "Contact Us" form in the footer below. Thank you for your interest in
    contributing to The Prudent Bear blog!

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